At work, our department (California Sea Grant College Program at UC San Diego) serves as a small funding agency that takes funds from state and federal sources and makes them available to university faculty and graduate students. Proposals and fellowship applications must be filled out through eSeagrant. Additionally, annual progress reports associated with those proposals and fellowships must be filed using eSeagrant.

eSeagrant was originally developed by MIT and shared with 3 other state Sea Grant programs. My job is to provide technical support to scientists and applicants who have trouble using eSeagrant, provide ongoing maintenance for new RFPs and fellowships, and enhance eSeagrant as required for our department needs.

eSeagrant uses PHP to display the web pages and extract the data stored in various MySQL databases and tables. FileMaker 11 is used as a desktop interface to these proposals, fellowship applications and progress reports.

FileMaker to MySQL archive

Our department uses FileMaker 11 Server as our datastore for proposal management and budgeting. FileMaker 11 is no longer in active development. The machine used to run FileMaker Server is at least 8 years and bound to fail at some point. I have started archiving the important tables into a matching MySQL database.

Even though access is unavailable outside the UCSD network, I wanted to build an additional authentication layer. I found a matching plugin that handles how to authenticate to UCSD Active Directory server. I also filtered the login to allow only those people associated with my department to log in successfully.

This was built with CakePHP 3.1.3 as the framework used to generate the pages. MySQL 5.5 was used as the database.

, no longer in production or development

MetaProposals, a full proposal application website

California Sea Grant online progress report

Old SAAS / MOOC project

, in various stages of development


Boardgame recommender

Dead Coach Walking and

Searching for an interesting data science project

Click in the header to see descriptions of various websites I developed. Some sites are live in production. Others are in active development, but not pushed to live servers. If you have questions, please follow up with me.

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